Dr. Vik Mankotia

Dr. Vik Mankotia completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto in 1996 with a Honors Bsc in science, and subsequently went to the University of Western Ontario and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery.

He then went on to the State University of New York and completed a residency whose focus was on oral surgery, and spent the following seven years in private practice associating in multiple offices both in Toronto and the greater Niagara region.  He opened up his own office the neighborhood he grew up in, and that is still an important part of his life, in January's of 2009.  The mission statement of the office is to serve the community, and to treat all patients as if they were family or friends.  The commitment is to the highest standards and best practices that the field of dentistry has to offer, and to make use of the latest technologies to achieve the highest outcomes.  All consultations are free, doctor/patient communication is stressed, and patients are encouraged to contact Dr. Vik directly for any concerns.

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We know that those who come to the dentist the least usually need the most work.  Let us take care of things to bring you back to health in a comfortable environment.  At Rosefinch Family Dental, we’re all family, and servicing our community is our highest objective.